It has been 18 months since UPWARDS project was launched. The various partners involved in the project have come together once again to confer and review on the work done to-date as well as re-synchronize and plan for the work yet to be done.


The UPWARDS consortium consists of 11 partners from 8 countries across 2 continents, including universities, industry companies, software makers & consulting firms.


The General Assembly consisted of a 2-day meeting between all the partners involved in the consortium, with them sharing updates, adjusting planning and conferring on any challenges being faced. Among the updates to report was a declaration of a publication made by one of the universities focused on the various failure modes of wind turbine blades-work that will be integrated in the comprehensive model-improving fatigue failure prediction of wind-turbine blades. The various models being made by the partners are being integrated into the cloud platform component by component. There was also a plan presented to further develop promotion and awareness of the UPWARDS project among the general public as well as the professional public.


The project is planned to take 4 years overall thus the halfway point is coming up and there is much to be done the coming months. You will be getting another update from the UPWARDS Consortium once the half-way point is reached so stayed tuned!


-Gary Grima