Aalborg University is involved in the development of methods to predict the development of damage in wind turbine blades during operation, as well as more accurately anticipate the structural integrity and performance over the life of the wind turbine. More specifically the Aalborg University team is focusing on predicting delamination of the numerous layers that make up wind turbine blades. The team is based at the Department of Materials & Production and is being led by work package leader Esben Lindgaard.


Laura Carreras Blasco and Brian L. V. Bak are a part of the team and have been working extensively on these prediction models. The models are now fully developed and will be implemented in SAMCEF, another partner of the UPWARDS consortium. The relation between those two mechanisms of delamination will be investigated further by two consortium partners: SINTEF and SAMCEF.


As per the scope of their involvement Esben Lindgaard and his team within the UPWARDS project, the research team has recently published an article, highlighting the results of their efforts:


Carreras L., Turon A., Bak. B.L.V., Lindgaard E., Renart J., Martin de la Escalera F., Essa Y., A simulation method for fatigue-driven delamination in layered structures involving non-negligible fracture process zones and arbitrarily shaped crack fronts, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 122, 107-119.


The article was recently published in the journal Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing and can be accessed via the links.



Gary Grima & Olena Malchyk, Wavestone