In order to keep you informed of the progress of the project and its different stages, you can download the publicly available deliverables


WP1 – Consortium management :

You can find the WP1 Deliverables on the EU Cordis platform :


WP2 – Atmospheric model :

D2.2 – Report on AL enhancement and turbulence model

D2.4 – Final report on WRF-LES and Park coupling

D2.5 – Report on modelling of Non-linear Wind-wave interaction


WP3 – Wind / Structure / Mechanisms / Control Interactions :


WP4 – Flow and acoustic simulations : 

D4.6 – Numerical database of wind farm benchmark


WP5 – Material failure models :

D5.1 – 3D Progressive delamination method based on cohesive zone modelling for fatigue loading

D5.2 – Inverse parameter identification tool for intra-laminar fatigue damage model

D5.3 – Unified fatigue damage model and software implementaion in samcef

D5.4 – Report and data on the effect of fatigue loading history on damage development

D5.5 – Report and data on fatigue loaded sub-structure to validate numerical prediction tools


WP6 – Integrated System Simulation and Knowledge Extraction : 

D6.1 – Serial Integrated System Simulation Platform provided to partners

D6.2 – Model Order Reduction Toolbox

D6.3 – HPC for Integrated Simulation Platform

D6.4 – HPC-Framework Machine Learning implementation and test

D6.6 – Results from study cases applying integrated simulation framework


WP7 – Public Participation :

D7.1 – Literature review on social and environmental issues and acceptance of wind turbines

D7.2 – Reports with data from on and offline panels

D7.3 – Key features determined with machine learning


WP8 – Dissemination, external communication and exploitation :

D8.1 – UPWARDS website

D8.2 – Dissemination and communication plan

D8.3 – Progress reports on exploitation activities

D8.4 – Stakeholder engagement

D8.5 – Open access to research data