Wageningen University (WU) specializes in life and social sciences and focuses its research on scientific, social and commercial problems in the field of life sciences and natural resources in which the university is considered world-class.

In fulfillment of its reputation and in alignment with its commitment, as part of the UPWARDS consortium, WU has formed the Wageningen University & Research Energy Alliance (WUR Energy Alliance).


The primary ambitions of the WUR Energy Alliance are:

  1. Consolidate and expand links with other universities, research institutes, governments, private sector entities and civil society entities as a network focusing on the intersection of energy projects and the life sciences
  2. Increase visibility of energy research within WU and more importantly in the public awareness, focusing on the core strengths of WUR and the strategic programs of the involved science groups.
  3. Facilitate new collaborations to put knowledge into practice with the groups & research institutes that WU is partnering with through grant proposals, publications and educational activities through regular general and specific meetings on relevant energy topics and around relevant projects/calls.

The alliance thus serves as a network to promote the subject of wind energy and more specifically the impact that the UPWARDS project will have on wind-turbine design and engineering as well as the wind energy industry thanks to its development of software tools that will make building the next generation of wind turbines possible!


Gary Grima

Posted 7/29/19