Opportunities to explore

The optimal design of wind turbines and wind-energy farms requires a comprehensive understanding of the physics of wind flows happening…

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Targeting areas to develop

The limits of current test and simulation methods for wind turbine analysis are being reached. Experimental measurement of dynamic phenomena…

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The next generation of wind turbines

To enable a step change in the understanding of wind energy physics and technology and to facilitate faster and more reliable development…

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UPWARDS – Understanding of the Physics of Wind Turbine and Rotor Dynamics through an Integrated Simulation Framework

The concept underpinning the UPWARDS project is to develop an integrated simulation framework of high fidelity simulation codes capable of performing high fidelity wind turbine and wind energy park simulations including wind flow, fully coupled fluid structure interaction, progressive damage and noise propagation.

In addition, UPWARDS will improve and validate towards existing experimental data or data generated during the project, models for particular important phenomena such as inflow and inter-turbine wind, rotor noise propagation and composite materials failure.

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